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History of the Down Town Schoolhouse   Part I Part II
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Public Schools

From The Romance of Norwalk, pp. 251-252, Elsie Nicholas Danenberg
New York, The States History Company, 1929

In the city at the present time, there are the following schools; Winnipauk, Franklin, Concord, West Norwalk, Brookside, Rowayton, Roosevelt or North Center, Marvin, Broad River, Over River, Putnam, Knudsen, Lincoln, Jefferson, Cranbury, or North East, Washington, Center elementary  and Center Junior, Franklin Junior, Roger Ludlow Junior, Norwalk Senior high, and Fitch, recently destroyed by fire and about to be rebuilt.

Of Fitch schools, there have been many, the name being the oldest in town. One of the first, or perhaps even the first school in town was called Fitch and there have been several since, by that name. The last Fitch school, which was burned to the ground in February, 1929, stood on the corner of East ave. and Winfield st. The building which preceded it, was a “little red schoolhouse” which was built in 1820 and for many years was located on the top of East ave. hill or Earle hill, as it is sometimes designated. It was later moved down to the foot of the hill where it stood for another period of time, though much closer to the road than it is now. When the new Fitch school (which burned in 1929) was built, the little old red schoolhouse was put up for sale. The father of Mrs. John F. Darrow, 30 West Main St., who was Oscar Raymond, bid in the little place for his father-in-law, Stephen Raymond.

This old school, which was later turned into a house and was moved farther into the lot to its present location, is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dana Morrill, at 185 East ave. When the structure was turned into a house, the school bell was sold to Captain Charles Cook St. John, who placed it on the front of his boat. Mrs. Darrow is under the impression that the auction of the little old school house, in which Oscar and Stephen Raymond figured, took place about 1868, and that by that time the last Fitch school which just burned, had already been built. This would then place the erection date of the last Fitch school previous to the year 1868, although local school authorities are of the opinion that the school was built in 1871. It is difficult definitely to place the date. At the present time, plans are  in progress for a new Fitch school building.